Hi I’m Gary.

Art makes humans feel a certain way that transcends our feelings. My hope is to create a piece of art that lets your mind go to another place and dimension. My art takes any idea and gives a new way to think about things.

Gary’s influence is taken from both action painters and color field painters of American classic abstract expressionism. With over 40 years of paint experimentation and expertise, Gary takes a milder and lighter approach to action painting and thoughtfully moves with color.

Acrylic Abstract Expressionism

Almost all of Gary’s work is abstract paintings with acrylic. His mastery of acrylic comes from years of experience in the industrial and commercial paint industry industry.

The love for bold colors and paint began in middle school. Over the years, Gary’s expertise with industrial and commercial paint grew with car restoration, facility maintenance and everything in between related to paint. His knowledge in this space led to work in sales for leading industrial and commercial paint companies.

Gary has been creating abstract paintings with acrylic for more than 40 years. The artwork on this page features some of his best and diverse selections. The wide range of pieces are done on canvas and wood. Carefully laid layers of acrylic also incorporate acrylic polyester or acrylic epoxy. The skill in mixing and combining these paints comes naturally for Gary as he continues to perfect his style, vision and approach.

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