Abstract Expressionist Painter Gary Moore

Abstract expressionist painters are still emerging since Jackson Pollock and his contemporaries began the abstract expressionism movement in America. Gary Moore is a local abstract expressionist artist now living in Fort Worth, Texas.

His expertise with industrial and commercial paint lends itself to his mastery of acrylic artwork. Over the years, he has worked in sales for paint manufacturers and has done car and home paint renovations. His life experience and inspiration from Jackson Pollock’s style flow into Gary’s creative process as an abstract expressionist painter.

“My hope is to create a piece of art that lets your mind go to another place and dimension”

Color, texture and shape take both concrete and subtle forms in each painting by Gary.

The composition and motif of each piece come together in the very process of his creative work. In certain works his paintings present more literal representations of subjects. Yet in his other works the characters, emotions and objects are more open to interpretation and offer visually bold and elegant presentations. Overall the broad and detailed skill and use of color invoke transcendent feelings and instill new ways to look at life.

Gary’s paintings utilize a variety of mixed media on canvas and wood. Acrylic paint and acrylic polyester compose the majority of his artwork. Everyday recyclable materials are also incorporated into the paint and base material. Gary’s technical foundation combined with an eye for color, texture and shape makes Gary a truly innovative abstract expressionist painter.